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U.K. Event Industry on Course After Queen Mother's Death

The death of England’s much-loved Queen Mother on Saturday at age 101 has had little impact on the special event industry in the U.K., in part because her death came over the traditionally quiet Easter weekend, event professionals tell Special Events Magazine.

“So far I’ve not heard of any events being canceled,” said Paul Smith, head of Paul Smith Associates, a Hampshire, England-based public relations agency with many special event clients. The date “minimized disruption that would have been correct to observe if it had taken place during one of the many prominent sporting events due to take place in the U.K. later this year,” noted Sally Webb, head of The Special Event Co., London.

In the late Queen Mother's honor, horse racing will be canceled on the day of her funeral, April 9, and betting shops will be closed. "The Queen Mum was a big racing fan," Smith added.

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