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What Stops Salespeople from Hitting their Revenue Goals?

11 things that might be getting in the way of your target revenue

In a recent article for Catersource magazine, sales consultant Meryl Snow laid out the top 11 things that stop salespeople from reaching their revenue goals.

"From ineffective sales techniques to inadequate support and market fluctuations, salespeople face myriad obstacles in their pursuit of success," she wrote.

Several factors can hinder salespeople from reaching their revenue goals:

  1. Ineffective sales techniques: Salespeople may struggle if they haven’t mastered effective sales techniques or are not adapting their approach to different customers and situations.
  2. Poor product knowledge: Salespeople must fully understand the products or services they’re selling to communicate their value to customers.
  3. Lack of training: Salespeople may need proper training and development to have the skills or knowledge needed to excel in their roles.

Click here to learn what other factors can stop salespeople from hitting those goals.

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