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Who's Hiring in Special Events -- Part II

Who's Hiring in Special Events -- Part II

Last week, Special Events looked at special event companies who are bucking the recession tide by adding employees to their staff.

But a recent Special Events online survey notes that of companies who are hiring, far more are adding temporary staff than full-timers. In fact, 41 percent of respondents told Special Events they are using temporary employees, versus 17 percent who are adding staff.

The experience of temp agencies bears this out.

Business is up by more than 15 percent this year over last for St. Louis-based Current Temp, according to spokesperson Melanie Dixon. The company provides a full range of temporary staff for events and meetings.

What's driving bigger business? Slimmed-down clients, the company says.


"Major corporations who have downsized are going to continue to seek independent contractors to fill those roles temporarily," notes Current Temp director Jenny Besser. "Decision-makers see the value in bringing someone onboard who is equally qualified but does not require the overhead an internal employee would require. This is especially true when a convention, event or meeting calendar is cyclical and does not run at peak volumes all year."

And quality temp staff is in demand.

"Event professionals are asking for more experienced freelance meeting planners to work onsite," Dixon adds. "We are seeing requests for staff to fill roles once filled by their in-house meeting planners. As a result, more is required of our staff than in years past."


While September through November were uncharacteristically slow for Roswell, Ga.-based Fusion Event Staffing, the 18-year-old company saw a nice boost in business in January, according to president Sherry Kovak. The company specializes in staffing for promotional events. Of special note is the rise in demand for bilingual staff, Kovak adds.

And like professionals throughout special events, temp agencies face the same tight turnarounds. Turnaround time on staff orders "is crazy," Kovak says. "What normally was weeks is now a day."

Photo by © Rob Sylvan


Who's Hiring in Special Events Now—and Why

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