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11th Annual Special Events Magazine Corporate Event Forecast 2012-2013

11th Annual Special Events Magazine Corporate Event Forecast 2012-2013

If you like 2012, then you will like 2013, too, according to corporate special event professionals.

If you liked 2012, you'll like 2013, too. Producers of corporate special events predict that their workload and budgets will likely be much the same in 2013 as they are this year, a slightly more sober forecast than their predictions at the same time last year.

For 2013, 40 percent of respondents say they expect to produce more special events than in 2012, while 57 percent expect to produce roughly the same number. In contrast, 44 percent of respondents told Special Events in 2011 they would produce more events in the coming year, with 50 percent saying they would produce the same number.

In one noteworthy trend, the percentage of respondents who say they have no plans to contract with independent planners is up on the upswing after falling during the depths of the recession. Does this mean in-house planning departments are being hired again? Sometimes our statistics raise more questions than they answer!

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NOTE: Both a PDF of the article, which includes data going back to 2003, and the complete 2012-13 study are available for isntant download for a nominal fee. For more information, click here.

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