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12th Annual Events at Work: Corporate Event Forecast

12th Annual Events at Work: Corporate Event Forecast

A Special Events Magazine exclusive, Penton Research forecasts a better year in 2014 for corporate special events

The corporate event marketplace continues to find its footing.

In our annual study, conducted exclusively for Special Events by Penton Research, 94 percent of respondents say they will produce the same number or more corporate events this year than they did in 2012.

And that figure improves to 97 percent when they predict the workload for 2014.

As for the corporate event spend, 47 percent say they expect their company’s budget allocation for 2014 to be higher than it is this year, while 36 percent expect it to stay constant.

A total of 10 percent say they will have smaller budgets to work with in 2014.

And while our forecast last year saw companies tending to bring event planning in-house, this year’s study shows a rebound in hiring outside talent, with 48 percent of respondents saying they either now contract independent planners or are considering it.

While the challenges remain, most respondents say business is on solid ground. 

See the full story in the July-August issue of Special Events, which is available to ISES members for free and to subscribers. Not a subscriber? We can fix that; just click here.

You can also download the complete article now for $10; just click here.

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