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Destination 2018 Report

Big DMCs ACCESS, Pacific World Release 2018 Destination Trends Report

Spain, the U.K. and Las Vegas are among top hot spots for events.

Big DMC groups ACCESS Destination Services and Pacific World--both included on the latest Special Events “25 Top DMCs” list--have released their 2018 Special Destinations Report, which profiles top destinations and explores why they are trending.

Spain, the U.K., Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Colorado and Dallas top the list of some of the most-requested destinations.

While in many cases well-known destinations are still popular for incentive travel, the demand for immersive and more compelling experiences continues to rise, creating opportunities for locations and venues previously unexplored, the study says.

LET'S GO THERE According to the ACCESS/Pacific World report, the top three in-demand destinations in 2018 in the USA are (in order) Dallas, Colorado and Las Vegas. In EMEA, they are Spain, the U.K. and France. And in Asia, they are China, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

“The progression toward the experience economy is something we at ACCESS have been talking about and delivering against for some time now,” said ACCESS CEO Chris Lee, “and many of the current trends in destination and venue selection confirm this direction.”

Patricia Silvio, global marketing manager for Pacific World, said, “More and more we keep seeing interest in off-the-beaten-path programs and destinations. By leveraging technology, especially social media, we’re able to reach more people than ever and better identify programs that fulfill a wide range of needs.”

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