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Ode to My Beloved Event Industry

Special event professional Deborah Elias of Elias Events shares her ode to the event industry during the COVID crisis.

Like the elements chart in chemistry or anatomical components of the human body, the event industry is made up of interwoven parts that work beautifully to entertain, inform and engage its guests and attendees. 

  • The audiovisual companies whose electric LED walls display information, videos and data in a dynamic way or whose sound can be heard by every eager listening ear
  • The live entertainers who skillfully showcase their talents and trade, from painting to singing to standing elegantly or hanging upside down from a chandelier
  • The cake makers who to turn sugar, eggs and flour into unimaginable displays of art
  • The pyrotechnic gods with their colorful explosions in the night sky or fire shooting high in an indoor venue
  • The rental companies who make portable tent venues, kitchens anywhere they find space, and set up furniture for lounging, eating or viewing
  • The event venues whose walls house all manner of events and whose staff aims to please
  • The decorators who take balloons and make colorful displays and cute animals or transform four white walls into a vibrant ambiance
  • The florist who take something so simple as a flower and make gorgeous archways, centerpieces and even animals too
  • The linen companies whose tactile fabric selections are bold and elegant or subdued yet modern, but always gorgeous
  • The caterers whose delectable culinary creations please the most discerning of palates
  • The invitation companies who design unique products to announce the event and set the stage for what is to come
  • The transportation companies who take guests from airports to venues and everywhere in between
  • The DJs who spin those turntables with great flair and get the attendees engaged
  • The emcees who take you on journeys and steer the show
  • The bartenders who take carefully crafted ingredients and turn them into delicious concoctions
  • The photographers and videographers who skillfully capture the events and create dynamic visual memories
  • And of course, the event planners and producers who carefully and wonderfully weave all of these components turning each event into … The Event of a Lifetime!

From the mundane to the magical, simple to complex, small affairs to large gatherings, the event industry truly helps make the world go round. 

Even though our industry is suffering, it will be healed as people cannot live without it. 

It will be stronger! It will be better! It will be!

Deborah Elias, CSEP, CMP, CIS, of Houston-based Elias Events is an award-winning event planner and is passionate about all things events related, with a particular focus on event technology and products to wow her clients, guests and colleagues.


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