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Added characters in maze Photo courtesy Sensix Events
Your story can begin with a live character, who beckons guests into the maze entrance, says Michael Caplan.

Why Mazes Make for Amazing Event Entrances

Get your event off right from the start with an entrance featuring an amazing maze.

Whatever type of event you are planning--from client appreciation to fundraiser--having your guests enter through a maze has many, many benefits.

No, not a traditional maze where the goal is for people to get lost, but a simple winding pathway for them to meander towards the entrance to your event. 

This provides you with an opportunity to design a custom experience for one-on-one time as you introduce your brand/theme. It also alleviates the boredom of waiting in line for a photo at the step-and-repeat, as well as building anticipation for the main event.

Why Mazes Work #1: They focus your guests’ attention

The maze walls are the perfect place to tell your story. Also, the “single file” effect of a maze creates a captive audience where guests will focus their attention on your message by:

  •  Highlighting products, services and people
  •  Focusing on corporate milestones
  •  Allowing for special sponsor visibility
  •  Encouraging selfies that get posted to build buzz

Why Mazes Work #2: They engage many senses

Your entrance is the perfect time to put people in a positive mood and “wow” their senses with:

  •  Amazing graphics
  •  Dramatic lighting
  •  Soundtrack with special FX
  •  Lush carpeting
  •  Special cocktails
  •  Enticing costumed characters

Why Mazes Work #3: They can offer multifunctional decor

The decorative maze panels serve many purposes:

  • They control the flow of guests as they arrive
  • Portable wall panels can be rearranged after arrival to create a new lounge space for guests to hang out
  • They can be re-purposed after your event as displays around your office or used at other events

The maze approach is so versatile. It can be designed to fit any space, size of crowd, and any budget.

So whatever type of event you are planning next, you might consider the many benefits of building a custom entrance to totally amaze your guests!

Michael Caplan is the founder and creative director of Sensix Communications and Events, an event planning and meeting production company with offices in Montreal and Toronto. He has more than 30 years of experience in special event design and production.

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