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Branching Out: Wrought Iron Candelabra for Special Events

Branching Out: Wrought Iron Candelabra for Special Events

This hand-forged candelabra resembles bundled branches for a rustic chic look.

Hand-forged wrought iron candelabra reminiscent of bundled tree branches add a rustic-chic element to tabletops and buffets — without breaking the floral budget. Created and distributed by Atlanta-based Under Stella's Umbrella, the candelabra, which come in 33- and 48-inch heights, are designed to work with or without floral. “A little decor goes a long way with these,” says creator, owner and former florist Stella Martin, who recommends tying just a small bouquet or tussie mussie to an arm or two, draping Spanish moss over the arms, or placing an oasis ball in the center for a cascading arrangement. “The candelabras work especially well under a tent because they help fill the air space,” she says. “They pierce the sky, adding drama and light above the guests' heads without obstructing the view across the table.” The candelabra, which cost $135 and $165, can be purchased through the company's website under its Garden Party line. For more information, visit

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