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Event Designers Create Tremendous Tabletops

Event Designers Create Tremendous Tabletops

Design Mind: Tony Conway, CMP, A Legendary Event, Atlanta,

DIFFA Strokes: For a recent Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS fundraiser, Conway and crew created a nature-inspired “Fashionably Sustainable” table intended to acknowledge the end of Georgia's long drought.

Water Wise: Upon a 5-by-16-foot table paved with wheatgrass, the team placed drought-resistant plants and succulents — selections included the hearty Tillandsia, able to grow in rocks, trees and even in midair — potted in simple translucent containers. Tall white birch panels served as a backdrop for the spare, striking design.

Green to Go: Along with the table's central display, each guest's place setting was a unique vignette. Arrangements ranged from pencil cacti nestled in white landscaping rock to a mix of ground cover, kale and decorative moss balls. Tabletop plants doubled as take-home guest gifts, leaving diners with what Conway calls “a resonating message of nature.”

Pro Quote: “In working with my design team and floral designers, I am constantly challenging them to remember the importance of comfort for the guest sitting at the table.” — Tony Conway

Design Mind: Antony Todd, Antony Todd Inc., New York,

Lean and Luxe: A California wedding received Manhattan designer Todd's signature tabletop treatment — understated elegance, exquisitely executed.

Garden Party: Working with a color scheme of gold and natural canvas and a “simple, linear, sophisticated, smart” theme, Todd topped long dining tables with natural canvas and mirrored gold Lucite. Gold flatware and the designer's own Signature Antony Todd gold chargers gave the tablescape a warm glow, while Signature Antony Todd gold bowls, each holding a single floating gardenia, achieved a striking balance of opulence and minimalism.

Tall Order: Adding architectural variety to the low-profile layout, towering clear glass candleholders, also from the designer's line, provided the appropriate height and scale for the room's dimensions and the grandeur of the occasion.

Pro Quote: “It's all about scale and balance. No table should ever be overdone.” — Antony Todd

Design Mind: Janet Flowers, Janet Flowers Wedding and Event Designs, Rockville, Md.,

Le Cirque: Gala Award-winner Janet Flowers turned out a French cirque-theme fête at a Georgetown mansion in shades of red, yellow and black complemented by bold, exotic floral and burlesque-style mannequins.

Stage Style: Theatrical tabletop touches included vases wrapped in fishnet stockings, luxurious satin ribbons, feather plumes and rhinestone embellishments.

All That Glitters: Among Flowers' favorite decor elements from this design were Smithers-Oasis' brightly hued floral foam bricks, Accent Decor's edgy glassware and a sprinkling of crushed glass, assorted rocks and textured sisal.

Pro Quote: “Inspiration is key in all facets of design — from a shopping spree to window shopping to see the latest fashions, from a trip to a furniture store or paint shop or carpet store to see color trends to a visit to the local flower market.” — Janet Flowers


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