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Daisies Photo by Barbol 88 / © Getty Images

Please Don't Dump the Daisies: Repeat Roses Recycles Event Floral

To promote sustainability, the company Recycle Roses picks up floral post-event to share it with the needy, then composts the blooms

Here's one more way to bake sustainability into special events: Instead of dumping floral into the trash after the party, recycle those blooms. As our sister publications group MeetingsNet explains, a company called Repeat Roses in south Florida makes sure that floral arrangements get a second life in hospitals and other deserving places:

White hydrangeas and deep orange roses and lilies helped turn the dinner on the opening night of the Host Global Alliance 4th Annual HGA Global Forum into a special affair, but that wouldn’t be the final act for the gorgeous buds and blooms. Rather than a trip to the dumpster, the flowers made their way to the Ronald McDonald House of South Florida to brighten the day of the families of pediatric cancer patients. The service was provided by a company called Repeat Roses, launched in 2014 by Jennifer Grove, a former event industry planner who is on a mission to do something about the volume of floral waste at events …  MeetingsNet

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