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DNP printers for photo booths
DNP's DS40 dye-sublimation printer is compact, inexpensive, and powerful.

DNP Printers Help Speed Up Photo Booth Printing Process

The DNP printer makes printing at photo booths fast and easy.

DNP’s DS40 dye-sublimation printer is designed to be a compact, inexpensive, and powerful production printer for applications including photo booths. The printer uses a high-resolution dye-sublimation process to produce professional-grade photos with impressive full-color details. The DS40 can print full bleed 4-by-6-, 6-by-8-, and 5-by-7-inch high quality images, as well as a multitude of photo strip options from its special perforated media derivatives. A key feature of DNP printers is users’ ability to incorporate branded borders.

The DS40’s simple transfer method and roll-fed design allow the printer to be run for extended periods of continuous use with minimal downtime. The roll design also allows the printer to hold large amounts of media for printing--the DS40 can print 400 4-by-6-inch prints before a media reload is necessary. In addition, the DS40 features easy access front-loading of media and is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

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