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Why Bad Reviews Aren’t Always Bad

Three reasons negative reviews can help your business

Seeing a bad review pop up for your business can stir up feelings of unworthiness, resentment, anger, and frustration. Your first instinct might be to give the reviewer a piece of your mind, but before typing up an emotion-fueled response, consider how you can view their feedback as a valuable learning lesson. 

After all, people don’t leave bad reviews out of boredom. Instead, they feel they’ve been wronged in some way and want to tell their story to others.

Simply put, bad reviews aren’t a sign that people are out to get you. So instead of taking their criticism personally, it’s best to embrace their honesty and use their comments to build a better business for your future clients.

Next time you get a poor review, remember that you have the power to turn it into a positive experience. Here are three reminders to change the way you view feedback:

  • They alert you to growth opportunities.
  • They open up meaningful conversations.
  • They establish credibility for your brand.

To learn more about each of these perks, read the full article from Catersource!

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