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Special Events
DSK branded phone charging station

Branded Photo Charging Stations, New Maxcolor Table Shirt Light, Custom Photo Booth Experience

Products for special event professionals include DSK's branded phone charging stations, Fortune Products' new table skirt light and Onomonomedia's custom photo booth

DSK Offers Branded Phone Charging Stations
The phone charging kiosk from DSK Technologies offers a 32-inch LED screen that enables event hosts to present branding and marketing messages while guests charge their phones. Call-to-action messages for lead generation and phone usage analytics make it easy to verify what marketing and business objectives for the event have been achieved, the supplier says. Quantity rental pricing is available. For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 101 at


Fortune Products table skirt light
Fortune Products Debuts Maxcolor Table Skirt Lights
The new line of Maxcolor lights from Fortune Products enables event designers to choose from 20 pre-programmed colors, far beyond the customary choice of red, green and blue. The table skirt light produces a wide angle glow, similar to a light bulb. It also provides ideal illumination for large acrylic cubes, cylinders and other shapes, the company says. The remote control will operate through single-layer cloth skirts and semi-transparent plastic. For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 102 at


Onomonomedia custom photo booth
Onomonomedia Offers a Custom Photo Booth Experience
The elegant, one-piece photo booth from Onomonomedia can shoot high-resolution images, print on fully laminated paper in various sizes in under 7 seconds, film full-HD video, produce animated GIFs, apply Instagram filters, email the patron his or her photos, upload the photos to any web server anywhere in the world, project the photos live as they are taken with branding--all of these things at the same time, the manufacturer says. The patron need only follow the simple touch-screen instructions. The system can collect data such as guest emails, location and Twitter handle, generating reports in CSV files. For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 103 at

Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through Sep. 16.

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