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Concept3D Launches DIY Platform to Create VR-enabled Tours

New from Concept3D: a DIY platform to create a virtual tour.

The Tour Builder platform from Concept3D is designed to allow anyone to create, manage and share VR-enabled virtual tours, the company says. The process of building the tours involves uploading images—including 360-degree panoramas—into the company’s interface, which then guides the user though the process of adding information, video and audio tracks. Once the tour is built and published, it can be edited and shared, according to the company; no goggles are needed to view the tour. The “starter” version is free, with more elaborate options available. The VR tours have a range of uses, from showing potential clients an event venue to serving as staff-training tools.

Visit and check the box for 101.

Note: Act fast--information on this product is available online only through July 23, 2018.

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