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Confetti: Crowd Activation Offers Suite of Interactive Event Tools

Confetti: Crowd Activation Offers Suite of Interactive Event Tools


Tangible Interaction has made it easier for event producers and experiential agencies to find the right high-tech, interactive marketing product with its new division, dubbed Crowd Activation. It's a one-stop shop for the tech company’s growing cache of physical interactive creations, including Social Mosa (a Twitter/Instagram wall), Zygote Interactive Balls (large LED inflatables), and its pioneer product, the Digital Graffiti Wall.


“Consumers now expect to be engaged by technology-driven experiences at events,” says founder and creative director Alex Beim. “They’re also hungry to exercise their creativity, and then immediately share their creations with friends, family and colleagues.” That in mind, Tangible Interaction has tapped into event guests’ ubiquitous smartphone use with its Social Mosa application. “Social Mosa is basically a huge, live conversation visualizer,” Beim says. “Clients appreciate how much extra value and traffic is generated when event guest’s tweets and Instagrams are shown in a beautiful, branded animation on venue screens.”  


Transforming spaces into interactive playgrounds is a major goal for the Tangible Interaction team. “We want to give consumers an opportunity to truly be a part of an event, let them generate and shape an atmosphere rather than just passively observe,” Beim explains. “It’s all about creating a good time and a positive impression about the activity, event and, of course, the brand.” Visit

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