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Cupcake Vending Machine, Magic Act, Glass Chargers

Cupcake Vending Machine, Magic Act, Glass Chargers

Coco Events Debuts Cupcake Vending Machine
Coco Events offers a line of entertaining games and other attractions for special events, including a new cupcake vending machine (in photo). Also available: King Ping—a giant ping pong table that enables up to 10 people to play at once—and a giant foosball table. The foosball table is 16 feet long and can accommodate up to 20 players. The company also offers an LED ping pong table; not only does it light up, but it has 2,000 ping pong balls included inside the acrylic casing. The games are available for sale or rent.
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Curtis Lovell II Offers Magic Act
Magician Curtis Lovell II has entertained Fortune 500 clients with magic tricks combined with original, high-energy business content blended with humor. A highlight of his act is his interactive magical escape trick; he can even make the boss or guest of honor appear and disappear. Lovell's act is adaptable to many programs; he can appear as the headliner in a 90-minute show or present "hot spots"—four- to eight-minute bits that add a jolt of excitement to the program. He also offers both stage acts and close-up, "parlor" performances.
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New Glass Chargers from Rental Resource Partners
Rental Resource Partners has launched new chargers that add elegance and sparkle to tabletops. The Alma Gold Charger (in photo) features a stylized leaf pattern embossed in both white and gold. The Velvet Metallic Gray Charger offers a diamond pattern, while the Orizzonte Platinum Charger features a white body with a platinum rim in a sunburst pattern. The company's dinnerware is designed to stand up to daily use in the world's finest hotels and restaurants. Each dishwasher-safe piece is laboratory tested for high resistance to chipping and breakage, the company says.
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Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through Jan. 8. Do you have a cool new product to share with us? Please send it here--thanks!

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