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Special Events
Atomic FastWall

New Backdrop System from Atomic Design, Big LED Tiles from GoVision, and Updated Rental Management Software from Point-of-Rental

New products for special events include Atomic's freestanding backdrop, GoVision's lightweight LED tiles, and Point-of-Rental's updated rental management software

FastWall Freestanding Backdrop New from Atomic Design
The new FastWall ground-supported modular backdrop system from Atomic Design packs completely flat and is easily assembled by interlocking the panels, the company says, creating a structurally sound, freestanding backdrop. No tools or additional hardware is required.
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GoVision LED tiles
GoVision Debuts Big GV6 LED Tiles

The new line of GV6 tiles from GoVision weigh under 40 pounds each, allowing the construction of massive LED walls that can either be flown or ground-supported while staying within strict weight tolerances, the company says. Because the tiles offer extremely high resolution, they can be used both indoors and out and can provide legible text, Twitter scrolls and the like even in small installations.
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point of rental software
Point-of-Rental Software Launches New Contract Fulfillment Module

Point-of-Rental has just released the latest software update for its Enterprise rental management software. New features include a contract fulfillment mode, which utilizes mobile tablet devices to replace load slips and prep reports, allowing for real-time, paperless updates to contracts. Also included is RFID integration, which instantaneously imports large quantity counts of tagged items.
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Don't wait—you have until July 6 to get more information on these items.

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