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Special Events
New Stainless Steel Pails and Tubs, On-site Screen-printing, Long-lasting Flowers

New Stainless Steel Pails and Tubs, On-site Screen-printing, Long-lasting Flowers

New products for special events include stainless steel pails and tubs from American Metalcraft, on-site screen-printing from Hit + Run, and long-lasting flowers from Luxe Bloom

Stainless Steel Pails, Tubs Debut from American Metalcraft
New from American Metalcraft, this new line of stainless steel pails and tubs feature a dual satin and mirror finish. Sizes range from 27 ounces up to 811 ounces; the smaller tubs can be used for individual sandwich servings or lined up in a buffet. The larger tubs are suited for breads, rolls and shared appetizers. The 7¼-inch-tall pail and 111/8-inch-tall tub are good for keeping wine, champagne, beer and other beverages ice cold.
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Hit + Run on-site screening
Hit + Run Offers Live On-site Screen-printing

Artists from Hit + Run create screen-printed t-shirts as guests watch. Guests personally select their own combination and placement of designs on the shirt, with each graphic solely available during the one-time activations. Hit + Run has appeared at thousands of events around the globe, ranging from parties with Levi’s, Nike, Microsoft, Lexus, Target, Fox, Vans, Pepsi, Tide, AOL, Red Bull and MTV. Photo at Wolfgang Puck Catering event by Special Events.
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Luxe Bloom
Long-lasting Flowers Available from Luxe Bloom

Luxe Bloom provides natural, long-lasting rose arrangements to luxury business operators on a monthly, recurring basis. The company's Ecuadorian rose arrangements are prepared in an environmentally responsible way to last up to 60 days without water or refrigeration, the company says.
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Don't wait—you have until June 29 to get more information on these items.

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