Special Events
Designer 8 Royce Bar

New Designer 8 Royce Bar, Lift'n Buddy Keg Lifter, Maui Wowi Smoothie Bar

New products for special events include the glamorous Royce Bar from Designer 8, the Lift'n Buddy keg lifter, and Maui Wowi's mobile smoothie bars

Designer 8 Debuts Glamorous Royce Bar
The glamorous new Royce Bar from Designer 8 Event Furniture Rental is available in a variety of designs, including silver or chrome, with white, black or chrome panels. Along with furniture, the company offers custom draping, custom lighting and accessories that range in style from classic to modern.
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Lift'n Buddy keg lifter

Lightweight Keg Lifter New from Lift'n Buddy
The new two-wheel keg lifter from Lift'n Buddy is designed to be as easy to use as a two-wheel hand truck while providing the added benefit of powered lifting. Kegs are raised quickly at the touch of button, and the oversized lift controls can be operated even when wearing gloves. The unit works with a variety of keg sizes, the manufacturer says.
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Maui Wowi smoothie bar

Maui Wowi Offers Mobile Smoothie Bars
Mobile smoothie bars from Maui Wowi offer smoothies in a range of flavors, including strawberry banana and mango orange; the smoothies can be made with or without alcohol. The bars also turn out Hawaiian-style shave ice cones and frozen blended coffees.
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Don't wait—information on these products is available only until April 28.

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