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Special Events
Eastern Tabletop twopiece buffet

New Movable Buffet from Eastern Tabletop, Turban Line from Imperial Safa House, Sleek Seating Line from Totally Mod

New tools for special events include a two-piece movable buffet from Eastern Tabletop, turbans from Imperial Safra House and sleek seating from Totally Mod

Eastern Tabletop Debuts Two-Piece Movable Buffet Unit

New from Eastern Tabletop, this 70-inch-tall moveable display unit consists of two pieces with a safety brake-lock system that quickly makes a stationary unit. The two-piece moving buffet unit is designed to be used as a single circular unit when the pieces are placed together; however, it can be split to provide a unique and elegant look using two equal halves perfect for chef stations, rollouts, backbars, dessert receptions and more.
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safra house turbans

Turbans Offered by Imperial Safa House

Imperial Safa House offers a wide array of turbans, including Jodhpuri Safa, Bandhej turban, Modi Safa, Marathi Phet, Baarati turban, Cotton Safa, Kota Doriya Safa, and Chiffon Safa, among others. The company also offers a binder facility at event venues for bulk turban binding.
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Totally Mod sleek sofa

Totally Mod Debuts Sleek New Seating Line

Totally Mod introduces its new First Class Session seating, a line of seating that offers traditional soft seating without bulkiness. The "Session Seat’s" built-in swivel desk allows an event planner to create a setup that uses less space than the old-fashioned ballroom chair plus “schoolie” table arrangement, the company says.
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