Glowing LED modular dance floor from Brumark

New Products for Special Events: Modular LED Floor, Gourmet Salt and Pepper Packets, Three-Tier Buffet Display

New products for special events include the modular, LED-lighted floor from Brumark, gourmet packets of salt and pepper from Pure Epicurean Seasonings, and a three-tier riser for banquet displays from Libbey Foodservice.

Brumark Introduces TechnoFloor Modular LED Floor
Brumark will begin exclusive distribution of the new TechnoFloors—a customized, portable flooring product that includes ultra-bright LED lighting. The modular tiles can be customized with high-resolution graphics and logos, the company says. They can be installed on any solid, flat surface and are waterproof to IP63 standards.
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elegant three-tier buffet banquet stand from Libbey Foodservice
Libbey Offers Three-Tier Banquet Riser

A line of new banquet products from Libbey Foodservice includes a three-tier riser banquet stand. The unit features a lightweight matte black stand paired with three frosted glass rectangle trays; the trays are sold separately. The line also includes a nine-well tiered display piece for toppings or garnishes. 
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gourmet salt and pepper packets from Pure Epicurean Seasonings
Gourmet Salt, Pepper Packets Debut from Pure Epicurean Seasonings

Pure Epicurean Seasonings has introduced a new line of pre-portioned packets of natural Himalayan salt and organic black pepper. The packets are sold in quantities of 500 and 1,000; refillable bamboo presentation boxes hold 10 salts and 10 peppers for dining tables.
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Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through June 17.

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