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Trading in Big, Beautiful Galas for Intimate, Virtual Storytelling

Fundraising galas are turning to the power of virtual.

Nonprofits rely on their annual galas to raise donations that help keep them fiscally viable in the years to follow. But as large gatherings remain unattainable, how can this be accomplished? Bringing fundraising galas into the virtual realm has proven challenging being these events rely so heavily on the human element. Auctions, high plate tickets, facility tours: all part of the in-person experience. 

“Donors don’t like the idea of sitting and watching a screen,” said Jen Poyer, a Los Angeles-based event planner who works closely with nonprofits. “The question becomes, how do we create these interactive experiences that will keep somebody engaged?”

Finding the right solution to support nonprofits as they struggle to maintain their fundraising efforts may seem daunting from the outside, but it often distills down to two simple elements: storytelling and engagement.

“You need to look at galas differently because they can’t really be recreated the same way virtually,” said Samantha Swaim of Swaim Strategies out of Porland, OR. “When you try to fake like there is a crowd, it feels inappropriate, dishonest, and there is this weird disconnect. It needs to be more intimate: less about the stuff and more about how the story is told.” 

Find out how nonprofits and their gala partners are turning to the power of virtual by checking out Catersource's full article.

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