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Incorporate the Italian Ritual of Aperitivo into your Next Event

Learn how the Italian practice of aperitivo can enrich your next event.

Gone are the days of half-enthused happy hours, where guests grab a beer and mingle with one or two other co-workers or friends. In a post-pandemic world, every event should be an experience, one filled with hospitality and communing with every person involved. Enter the Italian practice of aperitivo. 

You may be familiar with aperitivo as a type of pre-dinner drink, one that is lower in ABV and prepares the body for digestion (an aperitif). And this is part of what aperitivo is: Campari, Aperol, and Luxardo are well-known liqueurs served before a meal. However, aperitivo is also about the whole experience, from the atmosphere to the small snacks to the conversation among all participants. And apericena is the ritual of aperitivo but with more focus on the food, with buffet-style service offering anywhere from small bites to full meal dishes. 

These days, many events are incorporating extended lavish festivities that last longer than the main part of the event itself. Pre-ceremony champagne rounds, for instance, are becoming popular at weddings. This is because, after quarantines and pandemic-related event cancellations, people are ready to celebrate, to enjoy each experience to the fullest. 

Give Italian culture a Salute! and incorporate aperitivo into your next event. 

For recipes, food pairings, and more about the ritual of aperitivo, click here to read the original article from Catersource. 

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