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5 Innovative Technologies to Elevate Multimedia Shows

An event technical director shares ideas to improve your next show

All photos courtesy MEET FUTURE Event & Technology

A multimedia show uses many forms of technology (audio, video, light, etc.). Most multimedia shows use a few standard elements, such as audio, music, SFX (sound) effects, lighting, and video.

Beyond these basics, there are a few innovative forms of technology that can be implemented to elevate any multimedia event show.

1. Laser beam show

MEET FUTURE Event & Technology1 - Laser beam show.jpg

A well-done laser show will attract attention at any event. These shows use laser beams set to music and are directed into the hall above the audience. Another option is outlining content with a laser that is directed from the audience to the screen and emphasizes the video content, which needs to have figures, inscriptions, and objects with clear lines that can be outlined.

2. Kinetics

MEET FUTURE Event & Technology2- Kinetics.JPG

Kinetics allows producers to create shows from the ceiling, either above the stage or even above the audience. These are light objects that begin to glow, descend, and rise to emphasize a program moment. Kinetics allow the objects to move in sequence as beautiful synchronous movements (for example, to create a wave). The classic version of objects that are used in kinetic show are balls. LED bars, mirrors, jellyfish chandeliers or even huge luminous flowers can also be used.

3. LED towers

LED towers are pillars three meters high with LED bars that don't just shine a solid line but can be controlled pixel by pixel. Such LED-objects have become the brightest addition to modern multimedia shows all over the world. A feature of these devices is that we (your tech team) can control them, creating incredible drawings. They can work as an equalizer, start a wave, or even shimmer in different colors to the beat of the music.

4. 3D mapping

When we work with a projector and not with an LED screen, we can use 3D mapping technology. One benefit of using a projector is that it doesn't need surfaces to be even. We make a 3D visualization of the surface with all its irregularities and create video content that can handle those irregularities. Buildings, cars, specially-designed cubic structures, even a jet stream of water or a fountain may become the surface for video content.

5. Robo hand

5 - Robohand.JPG

Robots are rising in popularity, and a robo hand can be a part of an incredible show. It can direct a laser, move small objects, pour drinks instead of a bartender, and even dance. If you want to make the event unusual and impress the attendees, robotics are what you need.

A well-produced multimedia show can create an incredible experience for the attendees of an event. The show, with the combination of the above technologies, instantly captures the attention of the audience and remains in memory for a long time. The words "innovative" and "technological" will be associated with you and your client thanks to a modern multimedia show.

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