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In Brief for March 11, 2009

In Brief for March 11, 2009

Green still goes Clients still want eco-friendly events even in the face of a dour economy, according to a recent online poll from Special Events. Nearly two-thirds of respondents say their clients are asking for the same level or more of green elements in their events this year as last. Forty-five percent say their clients are asking for even more green elements this year than last. Twenty-two percent say their clients are less interested in green events this year than they were last year ...

Travel association aids in fight to protect meetings Angry that the media and politicians keep bashing meetings as a frivolous perk for the top brass? Fight back with tools offered by the U.S. Travel Association, whose Meetings Mean Business site offers sample letters, talking points and statistics. For one: If the 1 million jobs generated by meetings and events were to be lost, the U.S. unemployment rate would rise from 7.6 percent to 8.2 percent ..

Put on your running shoes ... and your pants Organizers may rein in rowdies at the Bay to Breakers, San Francisco's racy footrace. The oldest and biggest continually run footrace in the U.S., the 12k B2B has traditionally drawn runners wearing nothing but shoes, socks and an alcohol buzz. For this year's event, however, scheduled for May 17, organizers are considering banning nudity, alcohol and floats--a move that has prompted a flurry of protest.

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