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Impressive Tech at Millennium BCP Management Meeting

3 ways technology was integrated into a massive event

All photos courtesy Fossati PR

The Millennium BCP Management Meeting recently took place, displaying some impressive use of innovative tech. The meeting, held at the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, was organized by agency DCE Loving Brands, who turned to event solutions company Europalco for the fourth year in a row. 


With over 1,600 attendees, there was much work to be done. Europalco provided a wide range of services including sound, lighting, video, cameras, automation, kinetic features, stage set-up, and furniture, integrating the event's theme into the production. This year, the Meeting focused on the presentation of results and recognition of outstanding employees. A team of 30 technicians created an immersive and high-tech event space in only two days. Here are the best features they provided: 


  1. The focal point of the stage was a colossal main screen, measuring 60m x 8m and divided into three sections (each 20m x 8m).The central section of the display was designed to raise and lower as required throughout the event, using Movecat C1 technology controlled by the I Motion Expert T III SIL3 controller connected to Christie Pandoras Box video servers to synchronize the positioning of the screen and video server layers.  
  2. At the main screen's rear was a 20m by 6m LED wall. This secondary display further enriched the visual experience by allowing for more flexibility for content and enhancing the overall depth and dimensionality of the set design. Supported by 12 x Christie Boxer projectors and sophisticated video processing systems such as the Christie Spyder X80 and Pandoras Box Octo Server, the screen offered synchronized multi-projection with its movements, creating a dynamic backdrop for discussions and performances. 
  3. Finally, the event used several kinetic elements, including 40 bars and 12 kinetic rings, which added dimension to the overall stage design and the feature performance by DAMA, the renowned Portuguese pop group. Europalco's Silent Disco headphones also elevated the audience experience by providing simultaneous translation, as each color-coded headphone represented a different language. 

DSC02894-Aprimorado-NR (1).jpg

Despite the challenge that naturally accompany such a large event, the meeting was a success, thanks to the innovate and creative uses of technology.

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