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Trade show floor Photo by Mindklongdan / © Getty Images

Vegas Trade Shows Beef Up Security in Wake of Massacre

Trade shows in Las Vegas are beefing up security in the wake of the Oct. 1 massacre on the famed Strip.

As covered in Eventline, the nightmare attack on attendees at a Las Vegas country music festival Oct. 1 has the event industry scrambling to rethink how it keeps guests safe. Trade shows in Vegas are already implementing new security measures, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

Security for trade shows of all sizes is up for review following the Las Vegas Strip shooting. About 12,000 people showed for the annual National Business Aviation Association that started Tuesday and ended Thursday. Among the changes this year: more officers, a security tower in the parking lot and required bag checks every day, spokesman Dan Hubbard said. Even Hubbard had his bag checked and presented a photo ID before entering the Las Vegas Convention Center, he said. “I’m sure that, as we look to the next show, we’ll continue to consider our security profile, as we always do,” he said. “All options will be on the table.” Most trade show organizers declined to talk about security specifics or said they are still evaluating best practices with local authorities … Las Vegas Review-Journal

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