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Caterer Compass UK and Ireland boosts "Fish to Avoid" list

Caterer Compass UK and Ireland boosts "Fish to Avoid" list

Mega caterer Compass Group UK and Ireland announced this week that it is increasing its "Fish to Avoid" list from 13 species to 69. The move is part of the company's commitment to protect overfished species.

The company said that effective immediately, the vulnerable species will not be served in any Compass Group UK and Ireland catering operations, concessions or restaurants.

The species include four varieties of skate, five tunas, including blue fin, and swordfish.

Compass created its Sustainable Seafood Guidelines, including its Fish to Avoid list, in October 2008.

Neil Pitcairn, fish and seafood buyer for Compass Group UK and Ireland, said, “As the world’s leading contract caterer providing meals to so many people each day, Compass’ decision to follow the Marine Stewardship Council's guidelines and sustainability. By removing stocks from MCS' Fish to Avoid list, Compass is helping to reduce demand for over-exploited fish. This is a crucial step in ensuring the long term survival of vulnerable fisheries.”

Photo by / © George Peters


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