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The Future of AI in the Wedding Industry

Tips, tools, and things to be cautious of as you familiarize yourself with this new tech opportunity

You're probably familiar with the increasing conversation around Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI. While this technology and it's societal effects are still being fleshed out, there are ways to begin using it safely to help make your business more efficient.

In an article for Catersource, designer Jordan Kentris discusses the future of AI in the wedding industry (although this can apply to any event professional!). "With AI readily accessible, wedding professionals can leverage this new technology to build more efficiency into their workflows and reduce time spent on routine tasks," he says. "After all, repeating the same processes over and over is a waste of time—letting AI take over allows you to dedicate your brainpower elsewhere in your business to maximize your efforts."

Kentris goes on to discuss the benefits of AI, tools you can get started with, how to begin, and what to keep in mind as you use this new technology. 

To learn more about integrating AI into your business processes, read the full article here.

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