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The New SEO: How to Prepare Your Business for Google SGE

Learn about Google's newest plans for SEO changes

Google is now testing its biggest change ever.

It’s called Search Generative Experience (SGE), and it’s slated for a tentative early 2024 release.

The good news? If you haven’t focused on your SEO game quite yet, you have a chance to really use this change as a boost for your business.

The bad news? If you are ranking well, your business may take a hit if you don’t take the proper steps now.

In the most recent International Caterers Association webinar, owners Jamie Pritscher-Tomaino and Michael Larson from Nuphoriq, a digital marketing agency for catering companies and venues, joined to share expert input on what hospitality businesses need to know about SEO and how to prepare successfully for this inevitable shift to SGE.

Click here to get all the tips in the full article from Catersource.

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