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Want to Unlock Your Events’ Full Potential? Use Your Data

An event-data scientist makes the case for moving away from self-reported post-event surveys and towards analysis of audience behaviors.

It’s a core tenet in the event organizer’s playbook: The better you understand your attendees, the better you can cater to them and the better your chances of having them return to your conference year after year. Yet far too often, the chief instrument for gathering event data is the post-event survey.

Today, data analysis, off-the-shelf SaaS tools, and innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning make it easier than ever to measure and report event data, and insights from that data can help drive business and improve the overall experience for event organizers, sponsors, and attendees.

Here are some tips to help you go beyond surveys.

  • Behavioral vs. Self-Reported Data
  • Align Event Strategy with Measurement Objectives
  • Tools at Your Disposal
  • Making Sense of It All

To learn about each tip, read the full article from MeetingsNet.

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