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We Asked ChatGPT What It Can Do for Meetings, So You Don’t Have To

Seven ways planners can use this AI platform

Our friends over at MeetingsNet have tested out artificial intelligence (AI) to see how planners can utilize this rising technology for business, and the results are in: AI (specifically ChatGPT) is a useful tool for the events industry.

"ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for meeting professionals to enhance the engagement and overall experience of event attendees," says the article. 

Here are seven ways ChatGPT can be utilized:

  1. Personalized event recommendations
  2. Interactive Q&A sessions
  3. Virtual event assistants
  4. Networking facilitation
  5. Gamification and audience participation
  6. Virtual event engagement
  7. Post-event feedback and surveys

To learn more about each of these benefits and how to use ChatGPT to help your business, read the full article on MeetingsNet.

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