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World Yacht Offers Shipshape Meeting Site

World Yacht Offers Shipshape Meeting Site

As every meeting planner knows, an engaged audience is vital to a successful presentation. But this can be tough in a venue where guests can wander away, check voicemail or, worst of all, grab a bite and bolt. New York-based World Yacht offers a solution bound to float any planner's boat. Its new “Captive Audience” charter cruise offers the “Tech Check,” where attendees can stow their phones, PDAs and other distracting devices in a secure area; the “SOS Concierge,” which keeps guests alert with coffee; and an audio system that broadcasts the program throughout the boat, allowing attendees to stay tuned-in while out on deck. The cruises run from two to four hours and can accommodate 50 to 500 guests. “We're seeing an increased interest from high-end luxury planners because of our value, service standards and added offerings,” says Lawrence Moran, general manager of World Yacht. “Plus, you can't beat the view.” For more information, visit

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