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bride and groom cutting wedding cake Photo by Prostooleh / © Getty Images

Wedding 'Moments' We All Dread

Wedding moments that make planners cringe

Oh, come off it: Despite your glowing Facebook posts, we know there are plenty of "can't be missed" moments at your weddings that you in truth would just rather miss. So, how about these:

Cue the urge to leave a wedding; bathroom break, anyone? These moments are ones brides, grooms, guests and wedding planners all told us they encounter with a roll of their eyes. Among their most dreaded ceremony or reception moments:

Cake cutting: Jennifer Harrup of Jennifer Laura Design (www.jenniferlauradesign.com) in Houston says some of the brides she works with nix things like a big, showy cake cutting, not wanting another moment of all eyes on them. "Private cake cuttings have become pretty normal with my clients," she said. "They do an intimate cake cutting with the photographer but don't announce it to the entire room." We won't even get into that part where the bride and groom smash cake into each other's faces … The Hamilton Spectator

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