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In brief for Jan. 31, 2007

Oh say can you swing? A "human billboard" in the form of 16 aerialists performed astride a seven-story building on Manhattan’s West Side on Monday as part of Microsoft’s celebration of the release of its new operating system. The living billboard was accompanied by an original score featuring notes from the new Windows Vista soundtrack ...

Farewell to Fidel? Miami officials are planning to throw a celebration in the city's Orange Bowl coliseum upon the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who is seriously ill. Reflecting the sentiments of the huge Cuban expatriate community, the event is slated to include bands and commemorative T-shirts ...

They're Beijing-bound China is poised to surpass Spain as the world's second-most popular tourism destination by 2010, the United Nations World Tourism Organization said this week. France remains the No. 1 destination. China is also Asia's largest outbound tourism market, with 31 million Chinese traveling abroad in 2005.

Photo courtesy Microsoft

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