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Chocolate fountains prove popular at events

Chocolate fountains prove popular at events

That ’70s dinner party staple, fondue, is making a comeback thanks to the chocolate fountain, which is showing up this summer at events from movie premieres to A-list birthday bashes to a media party hosted by the Boston Globe for the Democratic National Convention, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times.

The multi-tiered fountains, which create a continuous waterfall of warm chocolate, were also on display at several events at The Special Event show in Las Vegas in January. They’re a chocolate lover’s dream: Party-goers can use a skewer to pick up a piece of fruit, cake, pretzels or other morsels, then dip it into the cocoa flow. The fountains can also be used for any food that can be heated enough to pass through the machine’s spindle (although the thought of a cheese waterfall just doesn’t hold the same appeal).

While the fountains can get messy, the companies that supply them, such as The Chocolate Guy in Santa Barbara, Calif., will send along an employee or two to keep things clean. That means fewer fingers in the sauce, and less cleanup for event crew at the end of the party.

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