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Creative Technology plays along with E3

Tech company Creative Technology called upon its locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago to make sure game developers’ booths got game at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, the largest event for the interactive gaming industry.

Hosted by the Interactive Digital Software Association, this year's event took place in May at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where 400 exhibitors vied for the attention of the 65,000 visitors who roamed the trade show floor.

Creative Technology outfitted Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Nintendo of America, Eidos Interactive, Electronic Arts, CAPCOM USA and Square Enix USA with the audio and video technology that enabled the game developers to make their presentations larger than life.

Hundreds of Barco LED tiles were used to display corporate branding messages, advertisements, and, of course, the games themselves. CT relied on concert systems from EAW and L'Acoustics to deliver high-power audio. At night, the focus shifted to parties, where CT supplied Sony with the AV systems for its private party at Dodger Stadium, as well as a press event held at L.A. Center Studios.

"Over the last couple of years, exhibitors have required more video and more audio in order to deliver a really explosive experience for those who are visiting their booths," explains Stephen Gray, general manager at CT San Francisco. "Now, we are giving these individuals a more personal experience; they can interact with a game themselves or in an arena environment. There is the big, initial 'wow,' and then they are given personal time with these devices. I see this trend continuing."

Our August cover story will examine the growing role of special events at trade shows; watch for your upcoming issue.

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