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Disneyland debuts Tower of Terror ride

Media and guests had the chance to check into Disneyland’s new “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” thrill ride last night at a premiere party to toast the southern California amusement park giant’s latest attraction.

Guests walked down a red carpet lined with “paparazzi” before indulging in tray-passed hors d’oeuvre including risotto balls, mini beef Wellingtons, Monte Cristo bites, and dim sum. Bars keep wine, beer, champagne and specialty glowing drinks flowing.

The ceremony began with a balloon bearing the projection of legendary TV writer/producer Rod Serling, creator of the spooky ’60s series “The Twilight Zone,” welcoming guests in his distinctive baritone. His widow, Carol, welcomed guests, followed by Disneyland chairman Michael Eisner.

A zombie bellhop invited guests to check into the nearly 200-foot-tall ride, which spouted fireworks from its “decrepit” roof.

Today, Disney management is expected to announce major plans to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.

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