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Special Events
Lisa Hurley

A Holiday Gift for the Readers of Special Events

Special Events magazine editor Lisa Hurley shares her holiday gifts for special event pros: a strong back and a great sense of humor.

Lisa HurleyWhenever I think my job is a lot of hard work, I remind myself how hard all of you work. Producing special events means skipping meals while other people are dining, staying up when others are sleeping, and knocking back whatever caffeinated beverages are at hand while others knock back cocktails.

Besides a strong back and stronger work ethic, your event career requires a strong sense of humor

Pauline Parry, president of Good Gracious Events, tells me she recently took care of a wonderful—if demanding—client. The client simply could not accept Pauline's napkin suggestion for her dinner party for 175 guests, which was to be held at a remote site. The napkin from Pauline, the client said, looked like a baby's diaper and was "as rough as old boots." To ensure that the client would get a napkin she'd be happy with, Pauline shipped in 12 different sets of napkins. And which napkin did the client choose? Why, the original one Pauline suggested—of course!

At ISES Live in Seattle in August, Grand Event Rentals owner Eddie Redman told me about a client who was a bit uncertain whether his installation had 18 tents, or 20 tents, or was it 18? The client was … wait for it … Seattle Hempfest, a fair with the avowed goal of educating the public "on the myriad of potential benefits offered by the Cannabis plant."

For your holiday gift, I send you wishes for a healthy sense of humor to keep you sane when you're still at work at 3 a.m. But I also send you good news about the event business.

Our latest edition of the "30 Top Rental Companies" shows healthy growth in special events. Our big rental businesses should pull in $821 million this year, and many respondents are expecting a strong 2015. Turn to page 12 for more.

I should note that a big trend many party rental companies point to is client demand for customized products. This trend will, of course, demand more time and creativity and work from you.

But I already gave you the sense of humor, right?

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