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snowed in city Photo by Jayson Photography / © Getty Images

How Meetings Are Chilling out for the Big Northeast Storm

The meetings industry is facing stormy weather with Juno--the big nor'easter storm threatening New England.

The big, bad blizzard of 2015 just dumped nearly 10 inches of snow in Manhattan and nearly 3 feet in Boston. How are meetings coping? Our sister media group, MeetingsNet, has the latest details:

It will be a cold, snowy, blowy few days in the northeastern U.S. as winter storm Juno, a classic nor’easter, comes to town from Monday night through Tuesday. News reports are predicting a near total shutdown of automobile traffic from the heavily congested corridor that runs from New York City to Portland, Maine, and disruptions to air traffic—3,200 flights have already been canceled, including most flights out of Boston's Logan Airport after 7:30 p.m. on Monday. So what does this mean for meetings scheduled for the tri-state area and New England? Here's what's happening with some events … --MeetingsNet

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