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Special Events

Kurman founds Chicago Event Resources

PR/marketing firm Kurman Communications, based in Chicago, has launched Chicago Event Resources, designed to serve as a single source for planning special events, representing a number of venues and restaurants to help them merchandise their spaces, and assisting in party planning for private and corporate event clients.

Heading CER will be Wally Vincenty, formerly of Tribeca Grill in New York, Yucca in Miami and Café Ba-Ba Reeba in Chicag. His background includes marketing, promotions, and advertising.

"The goal of CER is to help a wide range of venues deal with any number of issues that impact their event business, which is a key profit component for most restaurants," said Vincenty. "The challenge for most restaurants is that they cannot afford to staff a direct sales function. The result is that the private event space, all too often, goes un-booked. The same goes for front of the house' staff training, which often is neglected."

"We know the event spaces and we have great relationships with the people who own or manage them," said Cindy Kurman, president of Kurman Communications. "We can help them merchandise and promote their event business. To assist event planners, we can recommend a number of venue choices for a particular event and arrange for a tour of the spaces. We also know the people who provide ancillary event services. When planners need our help in securing additional services, such as flowers, decorations, entertainment and so forth, we are there to help."

"We will help take the pressure off the event planners," stated Vincenty, "and make sure that they get whatever they need to ensure a successful event, from providing creative and consultation services for events, to helping them find the right cleanup crew."

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