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Pro event planners lose out in Great Domestic Showdown television show

Demonstrating once again that “reality TV” is a questionable term, two professional event planners lost out to a planner who had never staged a wedding in last night’s primetime special “The Great Domestic Showdown” on ABC.

Ryan Larson, of L.A.’s Savoir Flair Wedding Coordinating, was cut in round one, and Steve Kemble, of Steve Kemble Event Design in Dallas, came in second in the final “wedding in 48 hours” segment to planner Frank Fontana of Hollywood, who had never before staged a wedding. The other contestants were two TV producers and a jewelry designer. The judges were two cable TV personalities and a prominent L.A. chef.

As winner, Fontana will get a book deal, an appearance on ABC’s morning show and a pilot deal for his own TV show.

Kemble, however, may win out yet. He announced today the launch of his new brand, “Steve Kemble: America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru,” with the “Get Sassy!!” line of books, speaking engagements, retail products and programming.

Sass that lasts: Steve Kemble is set to launch his new 'Get Sassy!!' brand in products and programming.

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