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Special Events

Recommended Reading April 23, 2014

Interesting articles concerning special events recently include a piece on the economic value of events for Vail, Colo.

Are Events a Viable Strategy for Vail?
The Vail Daily
The town has put great effort and funding into securing and promoting special events. The town is improving its evaluation techniques to determine the return on its investment. Over five years into its special event strategy, the resulting growth in sales tax revenues has offset the losses from real estate taxes, but just barely. Even after two consecutive years of record-breaking sales tax generation, the town’s stream of all revenues grew in 2013 only by 0.4 percent from the prior year. As a result, the town has had to draw down its reserve accounts to finance portions of its operational costs, including the hosting of special events. Critics are not saying whether the town special event strategy is right or wrong, but they ask the question, is it a viable strategy on which to sustain the government for the long term? ... Read more.

Gallatin Park Events Too Loud, Some Residents Say
The Tennessean
Organizers of large-scale special events in Gallatin city parks could soon be required to obtain a permit first. Members of the Gallatin City Council discussed the creation of a new special event permit Tuesday, one week after members were presented with a petition from nearby residents of Triple Creek Park, who say some events held at the park have been too loud … Read more.

From Buying Ring to Planning Honeymoon, Wedding Help Is In Palm Of Your Hand
Providence Journal
Doug Appleton’s grandparents couldn’t travel to his New York City wedding last October, but the tech-savvy Floridians were as present on the big day as anyone could be from 1,000-plus miles away. Thanks to FaceTime, the two-way Apple video-calling app, Gerald and Jacqueline Sherman watched by video stream as Appleton, 27, and Lauren Becker, 26, tied the knot … Read more.

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