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Recommended Reading for May 14, 2014

Two Boys Hurt When Bounce House Blows Away

Did price trump safety once again? A bounce house was lifted by a wind gust, injuring two little boys.

Two little boys are hospitalized after falling about 20 feet when a strong wind swept their backyard bounce house into the air in upstate New York. The small inflatable was staked to the ground when a gust suddenly uprooted it Monday afternoon, South Glens Falls Police said. “It was like a horror movie,” neighbor Taylor Seymour told the Glen Falls Post-Star. “It just kept going up and up. It cleared our building and the trees.” A 6-year-old boy tumbled out and landed in the street. A 5-year-old ended up in an apartment building parking lot. Glens Falls Post-Star

Florida Attorney General Launches Investigation into Florida Wedding Planning Company

Complaints from unhappy bridal couples about a Jacksonville wedding planning company have prompted an investigation by the Florida attorney general:

Since February, nearly a dozen Jacksonville brides and grooms have contacted Channel 4 about Alpha and Omega.  The couples Channel 4 spoke with claim that the wedding planning group has been operating under a veil of secrecy and fraud. News


Alcohol and Volunteers: Do You Know the Service Rules?

The summer brings plenty of festivals, and that can mean well-meaning volunteers serving alcohol to attendees. But proceed with caution:

With the summer season fast approaching, area communities are beginning to plan their festivals, fairs, and fundraisers. With many of these special events alcohol is sold and served by volunteers and as a volunteer many of you may not be aware that you bear the same liabilities for illegal alcohol sales as someone who is paid to serve and sell alcohol. Therefore, it is crucial you understand your responsibility when serving and selling as well as the consequences for any illegal sales. The Roundup

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