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People walk past buildings on the Victoria Waterfront in Hong Kong Photo by Getty Images
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Recommending Reading for Oct. 1, 2014

Top stories for special events professionals this week include Hong Kong&#39;s warning to tourists, how to keep pirates from stealing your hotel bookings, and the critical role of the right ice in cocktails.

Hong Kong Tourists Advised to Avoid Protest Areas

With Hong Kong seeing citizen protests at levels unheard of since the handover to China from Britain in 1997, the Hong Kong Tourist agency is warning tourists to avoid protest areas:

Instead of tourists taking photos, visiting museums, or shopping in the center of Kowloon, they are meeting tens of thousands of young protesters. The climate remains dangerous enough for the Hong Kong Tourism Board to now begin communicating warnings for tourists to stay away from protest areas. –ETN Global Travel Industry News

8 Tips to Protect Against Pirates Poaching Your Hotel Nights

Nothing is more maddening than making that huge time and financial commitment to hotel blocks for an event only to see third-party "pirates" try to pick off guests from your block with the lure of cheaper accommodations. Here's how to fight back:

If you think pirates—those third-party companies that spam your meeting’s exhibitors and attendees with offers to book accommodations cheaper than those in your official hotel room block—have become more aggressive of late, you’re right. The Web has made it much easier for poachers to find your exhibitor and attendee lists. Here are eight top tips for combatting pirates, poachers, or interceptors (or any company that has not been invited by you as the organizer to assist with your event. --MeetingsNet

Ice, Ice, Baby: The Right Ice Makes the Cocktail

The cold truth is that the right ice makes all the difference in keeping cocktails pure perfection. Take in account the glass and how the guest drinks (sips or gulps)--and you'll stop thinking just cubes and cracked:

An important ingredient in cocktails and mixed drinks sometimes gets overlooked, even by bartenders—the right ice. Noble W. Harris, general manager of the Manhattan restaurant The District Tap House, believes ice is the cornerstone of any mixed drink. It can help mold and change how we experience a cocktail, from the first sip to the last. "It's opening up new doors" for bartenders, says Mr. Harris, who has spent 20 years bar-tending or conceptualizing drinks selections for restaurants such as Bix in San Francisco and Dylan Prime Steak House in New York City. Ice offers different options to dilute drinks, he says, and can "chill things down in different speeds." --The Wall Street Journal


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