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'Sidekick' kicks off launch party

Some 300 party guests saw Hollywood's venerable Palladium in a whole new light at last week's launch event for phone-maker T-Mobile's new Sidekick 3 smartphone.

L.A.'s Bolthouse Productions commissioned Kinetic Lighting of Culver City, Calif., to create a "dream world" atmosphere where celebs including Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton and Serena Williams came to play amid topiary animals and carnival games.

Guests entered the party through a glowing foyer, illuminated with Colorblast 12 LED fixtures. Kinetic used LED tubes to create a similar color-changing effect behind an oval-shaped plexiglass bar that served at the venue’s centerpiece. Bolthouse Productions turned the club into a playground for grownups, complete with a sandbox, grass and trees.

The interior space was awash in pink, blue and turquoise hues, augmented with oversize projections. Swirling video projection of the Sidekick 3 and the T-Mobile logo swept about the Palladium walls, keeping the brand top of mind. Taking advantage of the circular room, large-format projection layered with full-motion video played nearly 360 degrees around the walls.

On the main stage, guests were treated to the sounds of She Wants Revenge and the Futureheads.

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