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TSA approves shoe-scanning technology

The wait at airport security checkpoints may get shorter thanks the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's recent greenlighting of a new shoe-scanning technology. The Wall Street Journal reports that the approval will give a boost to TSA's Registered Traveler program, which is designed to provide faster security clearances to travelers who sign up in advance and go through a background check.

At present the program is running only in Orlando, Fla. But officials believe that the shoe scanner will draw more travelers because it not only makes their wait shorter but saves them from the clumsy task of pulling off shoes and boots.

Travelers who are approved for the program will be issued biometric cards that work at special Registered Traveler kiosks in airports. The kiosks will scan the traveler's iris or fingerprints to verify the traveler's identity.

Developers of the screening kiosks hope next to develop technology that will eliminate the need for travelers to remove their jackets when going through checkpoints.

Photo by © Lucky Studio

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