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Jeff Black CEO of Classic Party Rentals
<p><em>Jeff Black, CEO of Classic Party Rentals</em></p>

What You're Reading: Top Articles for February 2014

The top 10 articles on for February 2014

The most popular articles on this month are:

Event Rental Industry Reacts to Classic's Chapter 11 Filing

The Special Event Industry Pays Tribute to the Late Richard Carbotti

Big Night: The Wedding Event at The Special Event 2014

Rustic Chic: Designs by Sean Creates Gala Award-winning Wedding Floral

Special Events Names Gala Award Winners at The Special Event 2014

Event Pros Share Their Takes on the Sochi Opening Olympics Ceremonies

Dazzling Design: Gala Award Nominees in Best Dining Table Design

Private Affairs: Gala Award Nominees for Best Event for a Private Individual

Cuckoo for Coco: Despina Craig Events Cooks Up a Child's Coco Chanel Birthday Party

Terrific Tables: Designs from Tabletop Gallery 2014

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