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Fighting the Good Fight

The next installment of a [hopefully weekly] blog from your editor

Last Monday, I posted my hello letter on this website, plus popped it onto my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then, like any other work horse, got back to business and forgot about it.

It was only later in the evening that I opened up my device to scroll scroll, see what’s going on in the wacky world … and I’m all—what the heck?!

I probably don’t need to go much further with this story, only to say that I am overwhelmed by the welcoming kindness (and no salty swears) you have gifted me with this past week. The number of people who have reached out to say hello, offer congrats, follow my online platforms, email me, text…it has been really terrific. Thank you, thank you!

Before I go any further, I want to introduce you to Amber Kispert-Smith.

Amber K-S.jpg

Amber is my “new-ish” (seven months this week) content producer. Her trial by fire was that I hired her right before Catersource + The Special Event last March. She was in the office a grand total of about seven days before she flew to the show; I really wanted her to experience it. She did, she was suitably impressed and then it was off to the races. So, if you ever have a content pitch, she’s your gal. Well, I am too… don’t forget about me

I have been thinking about content for Special Events and would like to know what you need most. Tools, trends, techniques? Sometimes I think that promoting you and your companies—at least right now—is the way to go, because it lets the world know that you are all fighters and are ready for business. To that end, take a look at that impressive Top 50 Event Companies list Lisa Hurley published right before she left for retirement-land. Wow. 

To that end, I’ll be sending out a survey in a few weeks, continuing the tradition Lisa started a number of years ago, to keep track of event-related data for our year-end State of the Industry report. I am adding in a few new questions, too. Because—why not? There are a few nuggets I feel we need to talk about in greater detail. Be sure to watch for it. I need your input!

Okay, over and out, keep up the good fight, people!

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